Le Dossier noir (1955)

aka: Black Dossier
Comedy / Drama


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Recently appointed a magistrate, Jacques Arnaud arrives in Lancourt, a small provincial town which is under the control of Boussard, an scrupulous businessman. Arnaud's first client is Dutoit, who rears German sheep dogs for a living. Dutoit  reports that someone has been poisoning his dogs. Could it be the same person who has recently broken into his house to steal a black file drawn up by his friend Le Guen just before he died, a file that implicates Boussard in fraudulent speculation?   Suspicious, Arnaud begins by exhuming le Guen's body; the autopsy reveals the presence of arsenic. Acting under the influence of Boussard, Inspector Franconi begins his own investigation with the intention of establishing Dutoit as le Guen's killer. Meanwhile, Inspector Noblet arrives from Paris with another hypothesis. He believes that le Guen was murdered by his wife, Françoise, after she had had an affair with her brother-in-law Gilbert...
© Willems Henri (Brussels, Belgium)

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Le Dossier noir is an Italian-French film comedy-drama first released in France on 18th May 1955, directed by André Cayatte. The film stars Jean-Marc Bory, Danièle Delorme, Bernard Blier, Lea Padovani and Antoine Balpêtré. It has also been released under the title: Black Dossier.   It is a Spéva Films production, produced by Angelo Rizzoli and distributed by Cinédis.  

Our overall rating for Le Dossier noir is: good - passable entertainment.

Other recommended films that have been directed by André Cayatte include: Au bonheur des dames (1943), Les Amants de Vérone (1949), Le Passage du Rhin (1960) and À chacun son enfer (1977). The actor Jean-Marc Bory has also appeared in: Les Amants (1958), Triple Cross (1966), Lo Straniero (1967) and L'affaire Seznec [TV] (1993).

Other comedy/drama films of the 1950s from Italy that are worth watching include: Luchino Visconti's Bellissima (1951), Federico Fellini's I Vitelloni (1953), Mauro Bolognini's La Notte brava (1959), Federico Fellini's Le Notti di Cabiria (1957) and Julien Duvivier's Le Petit monde de Don Camillo (1952).


The director André Cayatte also worked with the actor Antoine Balpêtré on the films Justice est faite (1950), Nous sommes tous des assassins (1952) and Avant le déluge (1954).

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