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Since the birth of cinema, French films have always had an enormous global appeal, and few countries can match France for the diversity and quality of its cinema.  On this site, not only will you be able to keep up to date with recent releases, but you can also explore France's rich legacy of film and find out about the people who have made French cinema such an enduring phenomenon.  You can also test your knowledge with our quiz and obtain books and DVDs from our online shops.  Bienvenue dans le monde fabuleux du cinéma français!

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One of the attractions of French cinema is its incredible diversity.  Whilst there are many French filmmakers who follow the auteur tradition, tackling complex themes in new and often daring ways, there are just as many who apply their talents to commercial cinema, across a wide range of genres, from policiers and comedies to action films and historical dramas.

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Cinema was invented in France in 1895 and ever since the French have embraced it as their Seventh Art, so that it now occupies an essential place in French culture. Watching these films not only helps to improve your understanding of the French language, it also provides valuable insights into the nuances of life in France and the French psyche. Despite changing fashions and major political upheavals, France's film industry has thrived for over a hundred years and remains one of the strongest and most vibrant in the world today.

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And of course we have not overlooked the cinema from other countries than France in our movie and dvd reviews.  From the timeless movie classics of Hollywood to the great celluloid masterpieces of Russia, India and Japan, we take a comprehensive look at world cinema over the past century

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