Ich möchte kein Mann sein (1918)
aka: I Don't Want to Be a Man
A film directed by Ernst Lubitsch

Genre: Comedy

Film Review

Ich möchte kein Mann sein photo
The young Ernst Lubitsch is at his most outrageous in this unbridled satirical comedy, one of cinema's earliest and most entertaining cross-dressing farces. Perfectly cast as the scurrilous tomboy is Ossi Oswalda, the onetime dancer who appeared in several of Lubitsch's early films, most notably Die Austernprinzessin (The Oyster Princess) and Die Puppe (The Doll) (1919). Ossi's popularity and exposure earned her the nickname of the German Mary Pickford and she is glorious in this slapstick-laden humour fest.

That famous Lubitsch touch, which would become so evident during the director's prolific Hollywood years, is very much in evidence in this silent film, along with a distinctive anti-authoritarian streak. Even today, Ich möchte kein Mann appears daringly risqué - not because a woman should dare to dress and act as a man, but because of its overt homosexual allusions, which would become virtually taboo a generation later.
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Young Ossi rebels against her authoritarian aunt and uncle by smoking, drinking and playing cards...
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Film Credits

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch
Starring: Ossi Oswalda, Curt Goetz, Ferry Sikla, Margarete Kupfer, Victor Janson
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