The Witness Vanishes (1939)
A film directed by Otis Garrett

Genre: Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Romance

Film Review

The Witness Vanishes is an American action film first released on 22nd September 1939, directed by Otis Garrett. Cinematography was by Arthur Martinelli. It is based on a story by James Ronald and stars Edmund Lowe, Wendy Barrie, Bruce Lester, Forrester Harvey and Walter Kingsford.   It is an Universal Pictures production, produced by Irving Starr and distributed by Universal Pictures.   The film was released with the tagline: "WHO WILL BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF THE DREADED MANIAC!"   It is a black and white film and runs to 1 hour and 6 minutes.  

Our overall rating for The Witness Vanishes is: mediocre - watchable, but not unless you have something better to do,

Other noteworthy films that have been directed by Otis Garrett include: Danger on the Air (1938), The Black Doll (1938), The Last Express (1938) and World Premiere (1941). The actor Bruce Lester has also appeared in: If I Were King (1938), British Intelligence (1940), My Son, My Son! (1940) and Strange Journey (1946).

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Recommended films

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Film Credits

  • Director: Otis Garrett
  • Script: James Ronald (story), Robertson White
  • Photo: Arthur Martinelli
  • Cast: Edmund Lowe (Mark Peters), Wendy Barrie (Joan Marplay), Bruce Lester (Lord Noel Stratton), Forrester Harvey (Allistair McNab), Walter Kingsford (Amos Craven), J.M. Kerrigan (Flinters), Barlowe Borland (Lucus Marplay), Boyd Irwin (Sinclair Ellis), Vernon Steele (Nigel Partridge), Reginald Barlow (Sir John Digby), Leyland Hodgson (Dade), Robert Noble (Inspector Wren), Phyllis Barry (Miss Carson), Wilson Benge (Bradley the Butler), Hal E. Chester (Copy Boy), Herbert Evans (Kirby the Assistant Editor), Denis Green (Leets), Anne Nagel (Laura the Secretary), Alexander Pollard (Eddie the Sanitorium Attendant), John Rogers (Printer), Michael Vallon (Wilkes the Editor)
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Support: Black and White
  • Runtime: 66 min

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