Rendez-vous avec la chance (1950)

aka: Rendezvous with Luck


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Taking the advice of his concierge, a modest office employee marries a nurse and soon regrets it. He then meets a woman who consoles him in his professional failures and marital disputes; they leave for the colonies. But they miss their train and end up losing their way in the suburbs. Unwilling to take advantage of the young woman, our hero decides to return to his wife...
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Rendez-vous avec la chance is a French film comedy first released in 1950, directed by Emil E. Reinert. The film stars Henri Guisol, Danièle Delorme, Suzanne Flon, Jean Brochard and Pierre-Louis. It has also been released under the title: Rendezvous with Luck.   It is a S.B. Films production, produced by Simon Barstoff and distributed by Ellis Films.  

Our overall rating for Rendez-vous avec la chance is: mediocre - watchable, but not unless you have something better to do,

Other recommended films that have been directed by Emil E. Reinert include: Treachery on the High Seas (1936), Les Requins de Gibraltar (1947), Fandango (1949) and Verträumte Tage (1951). The actor Henri Guisol has also appeared in: La Chienne (1931), La Loi du nord (1939), Vénus aveugle (1941) and Les Collégiennes (1957).

Other recommended comedy films of the 1950s from France include the following: Maurice Régamey's Comme un cheveu sur la soupe (1957), Jean Renoir's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe (1959), Jacques Becker's Édouard et Caroline (1951), Marc Allégret's Julietta (1953) and Sacha Guitry's La Poison (1951).

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