Quartieri alti (1945)

aka: In High Places

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Quartieri alti is an Italian film drama first released in 1945, directed by Mario Soldati. Cinematography was by Otello Martelli and the film was scored by Giuseppe Rosati. It is based on a novel by Ercole Patti and stars Adriana Benetti, Massimo Serato, Nerio Bernardi, Enzo Biliotti and Natalia Ray. It has also been released under the title: In High Places.   It is an Industrie Cinematografiche Italiane production, distributed by Industrie Cinematografiche Italiane.   It is a black and white film and runs to 1 hour and 22 minutes.  

Our overall rating for Quartieri alti is: very good - a movie from the 1940s that more than repays your effort.

Other noteworthy films that have been directed by Mario Soldati include: Dora Nelson (1940), Tutto per la donna (1940), Eugenia Grandet (1946) and Policarpo, ufficiale di scrittura (1959). The actor Nerio Bernardi has also appeared in: Il corsaro nero (1938), Il viale della speranza (1953), Lo sparviero dei Caraibi (1962) and Le notti della violenza (1965).

Other drama films of the 1940s from Italy that are worth watching include: Raffaello Matarazzo's Catene (1949), Marcello Pagliero's Desiderio (1946), Mario Camerini's Due lettere anonime (1945), Vittorio De Sica's Ladri di biciclette (1948) and Roberto Rossellini's Paisà (1946).

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