Nous deux (1992)
A film directed by Henri Graziani

Genre: Comedy


Toussaint and his wife Madeleine left the island of Corsica when they were young to work and live in Paris. Now that they are both retired, they decide to return to their home country, to the village from which they came. Whilst Toussaint is happy with the move, his wife is bored to tears, or so it seems at first. The days pass, marked by memories and little quarrels which belie the affection the couple have for each other. Then, one day, Madeleine dies...
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Film Review

Nous deux is an Italian-French film comedy first released in France on 22nd April 1992, directed by Henri Graziani. The film stars Philippe Noiret, Monique Chaumette, Serge Merlin, Patrick Fierry and Pierre Massimi.   It is an Aura Film production.  

Our overall rating for Nous deux is: good - passable entertainment.

The actor Philippe Noiret has also appeared in: La Vie de château (1966), Le Vieux fusil (1975), Le Juge et l'assassin (1976) and Pile ou face (1980).

Other comedy films from Italy that you may be interested in are: Elio Petri's La Decima vittima (1965), Pietro Germi's Divorzio all'italiana (1961), Mario Bava's The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963), Vittorio Cottafavi's I nostri sogni (1943) and Dino Risi's La Marcia su Roma (1963).

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Film Credits

  • Director: Henri Graziani
  • Script: Henri Graziani, Arlette Langmann
  • Photo: Patrick Blossier
  • Music: Michel Raffaelli
  • Cast: Philippe Noiret (Toussaint), Monique Chaumette (Madeleine), Serge Merlin (Napoléon), Patrick Fierry (Martin), Pierre Massimi (Antoine), Claude Jaeger (Tancrède), Yvonne Gamy (Victoire), Gigi Casabianca (Léa), Lucie Arnold (Lucie), Jean Luisi (Jules), Marie-Jeanne Istria (Catherine), Jean Franceschi (Théodore), Guy Cimino (Jean), Pauline Sallembien (Cornélie), Jean-Pierre Perrichet (Moine), Janique Delauge (Marie), Pierre-Joseph Comiti (Père Joseph), Greta Rodriguez (La Scandinave), Sylvie Marcheschi
  • Country: Italy / France
  • Language: French
  • Support: Color
  • Runtime: 93 min

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