Nick Carter et le trèfle rouge (1965)

aka: Nick Carter and Red Club
Dir: Jean-Paul Savignac
Action / Thriller


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When a consignment of miniature nuclear warheads is stolen in the United States, the famous American agent Nick Carter is sent to Antwerp to begin his most important assignment yet. Carter has just four days to find the missing rockets before they are detonated, releasing a lethal gas over the whole of Europe. Not long after meeting up with Janos, his local contact who is working undercover as a circus manager, Carter is repeatedly attacked by unknown assailants. His main suspect is the engineer Beckmann, but his interest is soon diverted to his ex-wife Dora, whose relations with a certain Hebert may not be exclusively amorous...
© Willems Henri (Brussels, Belgium)

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Nick Carter et le trèfle rouge is a French-Italian thriller film first released in France on 25th November 1965, directed by Jean-Paul Savignac. The film is based on a novel by Claude Rank and stars Eddie Constantine, Nicole Courcel, Joseph Dassin, Jeanne Valérie and Jacques Harden. It has also been released under the title: Nick Carter and Red Club.   It is a Chaumiane production, produced by André Michelin and distributed by Elan Film.  

Our overall rating for Nick Carter et le trèfle rouge is: good - passable entertainment.

The actor Eddie Constantine has also appeared in: Je suis un sentimental (1955), The Treasure of San Teresa (1959), Helsinki Napoli All Night Long (1987) and Europa, abends (1989).

Other recommended action/thriller films from France that you may want to consider are: Fred Cavayé's À bout portant (2010), Roman Polanski's Frantic (1988), Jean-François Richet's Mesrine: L'Ennemi public n°1 (2008), Michel Hazanavicius's OSS 117: Le Caire nid d'espions (2006) and Louis Feuillade's Tih Minh (1918).

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