Mords pas, on t'aime (1976)

aka: Don't Bite, We Love You

Film Review

Mords pas, on t'aime picture
Mords pas, on t'aime is a French film comedy first released in France on 5th May 1976, directed by Yves Allégret. Cinematography was by Jean Boffety and the film was scored by Pierre Jansen. It stars Bernard Fresson, Yves Coudray and Catherine Allégret. It has also been released under the title: Don't Bite, We Love You.   It is a France 3 production, produced by Yves Ciampi.   It is a color film and runs to 1 hour and 30 minutes.  

Our overall rating for Mords pas, on t'aime is: mediocre - watchable, but not unless you have something better to do,

Other recommended films that have been directed by Yves Allégret include: Une si jolie petite plage (1949), Les Sept péchés capitaux (1952), L'Ambitieuse (1959) and Germinal (1963). The actor Bernard Fresson has also appeared in: Je t'aime, je t'aime (1968), Un condé (1970), Marie-poupée (1976) and À chacun son enfer (1977).

Other recommended comedy films of the 1970s from France include the following: Claude Zidi's L'Aile ou la cuisse (1976), Michel Audiard's Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas, mais... elle cause! (1970), Jean Girault's Jo (1971), Jean-Paul Rappeneau's Le Sauvage (1975) and Claude Faraldo's Themroc (1973).

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