Moineaux de Paris (1952)
aka: Moineaux of Paris
A film directed by Maurice Cloche

Genre: Comedy / Musical

Film Review

Moineaux de Paris is a French musical comedy first released in France on 12th June 1953, directed by Maurice Cloche. Cinematography was by Nicolas Hayer and the film was scored by Paul Bonneau. It stars Jean-Pierre Aumont, Virginia Keiley, Max Elloy, Robert Lombard and Louis Gimberg. It has also been released under the title: Moineaux of Paris.   It is a Les Films Maurice Cloche production, distributed by Ciné Sélection.   It is a black and white film and runs to 1 hour and 30 minutes.  

Our overall rating for Moineaux de Paris is: mediocre - watchable, but not unless you have something better to do,

Other memorable films that have been directed by Maurice Cloche include: Le Petit chose (1938), Nord-Atlantique (1939), Feu sacré (1942) and The Small Miracle (1951). The actor Jean-Pierre Aumont has also appeared in: Faut-il les marier? (1932), The Cross of Lorraine (1943), Mahogany (1975) and Two Solitudes (1978).

Other recommended comedy/musical films of the 1950s from France include the following: Robert Vernay's Andalousie (1951), Richard Pottier's Le Chanteur de Mexico (1956), Maurice Régamey's Honoré de Marseille (1956), Marcel Achard's La Valse de Paris (1950) and Richard Pottier's Violettes impériales (1952).

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Recommended films

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Film Credits

  • Director: Maurice Cloche
  • Script: Maurice Cloche, André Hornez, Franz Tanzler
  • Photo: Nicolas Hayer
  • Music: Paul Bonneau
  • Cast: Jean-Pierre Aumont (Césarin), Virginia Keiley (Peggy Smith), Max Elloy (Petit Louis), Robert Lombard (Le directeur), Louis Gimberg (Mr. Smith), Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois (Les enfants), Louis de Funès
  • Country: France
  • Language: French
  • Support: Black and White
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Aka: Moineaux of Paris

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