Ma femme est formidable (1951)
aka: My Wife Is Formidable
A film directed by André Hunebelle

Genre: Comedy

Film Review

Ma femme est formidable photo
Although this film now feels very dated and just a tad ridiculous (almost the parody of a French bedroom farce), it was hugely popular when it was first released in France, and effectively secured André Hunebelle's career as a director of popular films.  Whilst there are some good jokes, much of the comedy is painfully unsophisticated  - note the obvious caricature of drunks and comedy suicides, and that excruciatingly over-the-top cat-fight with the two lead female characters.  The film is funniest in its first half; towards the end, the pace lags and the jokes get fewer and far between.  Amongst a bevy of cameos from distinguished film actors of the day, the spectator can hardly fail to notice one (at the time) unknown performer who would - twenty years on - become the most popular comedy actor in France: Louis de Funès.
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When his wife Sylvia sets out to spend the weekend with her mother, sculptor Raymond Corbier becomes suspicious...
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Film Credits

Directed by André Hunebelle
Starring: Fernand Gravey, Sophie Desmarets, Simone Valère, Suzanne Dehelly, Pauline Carton, Max Dalban, Paul Demange, Pierre Destailles, Anne-Marie Duverney, Claude Garbe
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