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Fifteen years after they were first brought together by their dead mother, Didier, Bernard and Pascal are once again reunited, this time to learn that their mother has left them a mountain of debts to clear. In the intervening time things have not improved for any of the half-brothers. Bernard now lives in a caravan and scrapes a living as an actor. Didier supplements his income as a teacher by selling sextoys by post. Pascal survives by bleeding his sugar mummy. The news that they have inherited a massive debt does not go down well. With the help of Bernard's daughter Sarah the brothers try to improve their financial position via a spot of improvised drugs dealing. It turns out not to be the best of career moves...
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Film Review

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Les Trois frères, le retour is a French film comedy first released in Belgium on 12th February 2014, directed by Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan. The film stars Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan, Pascal Légitimus, Antoine du Merle and Fatima Adoum.   It is a Pan Européenne Production production, produced by Philippe Godeau and distributed by Wild Bunch Distribution.  

Other memorable films that have been directed by Didier Bourdon include: Les Trois frères (1995), Le Pari (1997), Les Rois mages (2001) and 7 ans de mariage (2003). The actor Didier Bourdon has also appeared in: Les Chômeurs en folie (1982), La Machine (1994), Fanfan la Tulipe (2003) and Bouquet final (2008).

Other recommended comedy films of the 2010s from France include the following: Alain Resnais's Aimer, boire et chanter (2014), Sylvain Chomet's Attila Marcel (2013), Pierre Salvadori's De vrais mensonges (2010), Philippe Le Guay's Les Femmes du 6ème étage (2011) and Michel Leclerc's Le Nom des gens (2010).


The director Didier Bourdon also worked with the actor Bernard Campan on the films Les Trois frères (1995), Le Pari (1997) and Les Rois mages (2001).

Film Credits

  • Director: Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan
  • Cinematographer: Pascal Caubère
  • Cast: Didier Bourdon (Didier Latour), Bernard Campan (Bernard Latour), Pascal Légitimus (Pascal Latour), Antoine du Merle (Michael Rossignol), Fatima Adoum (Sabrina), Séverine Vasselin (Priscilla Latour), Christian Heck (Me Vaselin), Yvonne Gradelet, Mona Walravens, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, David Salles, Daniel Russo, Sofia Lesaffre, Oscar Copp, Alison Wheeler, Sara Mortensen, Bruno Chapelle, Patrick Bouin, Hyacinthe Imayanga
  • Country: France
  • Language: French
  • Support: Color
  • Runtime: 106 min

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