Les Enfants du naufrageur (1992)
A film directed by Jérôme Foulon

Genre: Adventure

Film Review

Les Enfants du naufrageur is a French adventure film first released in France on 19th February 1992, directed by Jérôme Foulon. Cinematography was by William Lubtchansky and the film was scored by François Staal. It stars Brigitte Fossey, Jacques Dufilho, Michel Robin, Jean Marais and Pierre-Alexis Hollenbeck.   It is a K'Ien Productions production, produced by Jean-Bernard Fetoux and distributed by Gaumont.   It is a color film and runs to 1 hour and 39 minutes.  

Our overall rating for Les Enfants du naufrageur is: good - passable entertainment.

The actor Brigitte Fossey has also appeared in: Le Grand Meaulnes (1967), Un mauvais fils (1980), Au nom de tous les miens (1983) and Poslední motyl (1991).

Other adventure films of the 1990s from France that are recommended viewing include: Philippe de Broca's Le Bossu (1997), Gérard Jugnot's Casque bleu (1994), Jean-Paul Rappeneau's Cyrano de Bergerac (1990), Luc Besson's The Fifth Element (1997) and Jean-Paul Rappeneau's Le Hussard sur le toit (1995).

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Film Credits

  • Director: Jérôme Foulon
  • Script: François Celier, Laurent Dussaux, Jérôme Foulon
  • Photo: William Lubtchansky
  • Music: François Staal
  • Cast: Brigitte Fossey (Hélène), Jacques Dufilho (Petit Louis), Michel Robin (Paul), Jean Marais (Marc-Antoine), Pierre-Alexis Hollenbeck (Capitaine), Benjamin Brault (Pinocchio), Maxime Boidron (Benoît), Simon Poligne (Lamazou), François Vigner (Pérec), Elie Berder (Merliot), Gary Ledoux (Bisson), Amandine Dewasmes (Marion), Bernard Freyd (Le maire), Michel Dussarat (Toinou), Jenny Clève (Martha), Michel Berto (Le curé), Jean-Pierre Germain (Jean-Pierre), Jérôme Kircher (Laurent), Dominique Dieterle (La mère d Merliot), Arnaud Duléry (Un villageois), Christiane Laborde (La mère du Capitaine), Véronique Silver, Florence Pernel, Roger Mollien, Yves Branellec
  • Country: France
  • Language: French
  • Support: Color
  • Runtime: 99 min

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