Le Passe-muraille (1951)
aka: Mr. Peek-a-Boo
A film directed by Jean Boyer

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy

Film Review

Le Passe-muraille photo
A fine example of French comic farce from the 1950s, Jean Boyer's Le Passe-muraille is best known for effectively launching the film career of its star, Bourvil. Better known as a stage comic and singer at the time, Bourvil demonstrates in this film that he also has a formidable talent as an actor. Although he plays a comic role, it allows him the opportunity to pull the emotional levers whilst delighting his audience with his gentile comedy, something he manages very well. The role of Léon is quintessentially the kind of role for which Bourvil is best known: the ordinary man in the street, timid but very affectionate towards women. Cast opposite Bourvil is the talented English actress Joan Greenwood. The rapport between the two actors is perfect, comical yet quite touching.

The film moves along at quite a pace, ceaselessly entertaining. This is down partly to the quality of the comic performances, but the excellent script by Michel Audiard plays a major part in this. In a remarkable screen-writing career spanning nearly 30 years, Audiard is recognised as one of the true writing talents of French cinema. This film benefits greatly from the sharp Audiard wit and erudition.

One surprising thing about this film is the quality of the special effects. This is an area which was in its infancy at the time this film was made. It is rare to see a film from this period where special effects do not mar the film. Le Passe-muraille is a fortunate instance where an ambitious film is not ruined by special effects. The scenes where Bourvil passes through a wall are generally quite convincing yet always hilarious.

Although the film was released in black and white, a colour version of the film also exists.
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When he is locked out of his home by his sister and her husband, a humble civil servant Léon Dutilleul discovers he has a peculiar talent: he can walk through walls...
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Film Credits

Directed by Jean Boyer
Starring: Bourvil, Joan Greenwood, Gérard Oury, Roger Tréville, Jacques Erwin, Frédéric O'Brady, René Worms, Nina Myral, Nicole Riche, Germaine Reuver
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