Le Miracle des loups (1961)
aka: Blood on His Sword
A film directed by André Hunebelle

Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama


Le Miracle des loups photo
Charles le Téméraire, Duke of Burgandy, has ambitions to seize the throne of France from his cousin, King Louis XI. When the king's goddaughter, Jeanne de Beauvais, refuses to marry him, the Duke has her abducted and throws suspicion on his rival, Robert de Neuville. Whilst the latter is occupied in rescuing Jeanne, the Duke of Burgandy hatches a scheme to depose the King…
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Film Review

This swashbuckling historical adventure is typical a genre of film that was very popular in France in the late 1950s and early 1960s - almost invariably with Jean Marais playing the role of an indefatigable, epee-thrusting action hero. Le Miracle des loups was directed by André Hunebelle, who was particularly adept at making this kind of film, and is a remake of a 1924 film by Raymond Bernard. The excellent production values and solid performances from a great cast (notably Jean-Louis Barrault as Louis XI) are not quite matched by the script, which is plodding and weak on character. The film only really comes to life in its second half, which includes some exciting, well-directed fight sequences.
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Film Credits

  • Director: André Hunebelle
  • Script: Henry Dupuis-Mazuel, Pierre Foucaud, Jean Halain, André Hunebelle
  • Photo: Marcel Grignon
  • Music: Jean Marion
  • Cast: Jean Marais (Robert de Neuville), Rosanna Schiaffino (Jeanne de Beauvais), Roger Hanin (Charles le Téméraire), Jean-Louis Barrault (Louis XI.), Guy Delorme (De Sénac), Annie Anderson (Catherine du Tillais), Raphaël Albert-Lambert (Le favori de Charles), Raoul Billerey (Jérôme), Jean Lanier (Un évêque), Georges Lycan (Sire de Gavray), Bernard Musson (Un évêque), Pierre Palfray (Mathieu), Jacques Seiler (L'héraut), Laurence Lignères (La chambrière de Bourgogne), Paul Bonifas (Le chirurgien), Charles Bouillaud (Olivier Le Daim), François Charet (L'écuyer de Robert), Benoîte Labb (Une paysanne), Pierre Moncorbier (Maître Ghislain), Louis Arbessier (Comte Hesselin), Jean Marchat (L'évêque), Jacques Balutin (Un spadassin), Antoine Baud (Un baladin), Claude Carliez (Un soldat), Yvan Chiffre (Un baladin)
  • Country: France / Italy
  • Language: French
  • Support: Color
  • Runtime: 126 min
  • Aka: Blood on His Sword ; The Miracle of the Wolves
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