Le Chanteur de Mexico (1956)
A film directed by Richard Pottier

Genre: Comedy / Musical / Romance

Film Review

Le Chanteur de Mexico photo
Francis Lopez's popular operetta, first performed at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris in the early 1950s, is lavishly reinterpreted for the big screen in this sumptuous musical directed by Richard Pottier. By this time, the Spanish singer Luis Mariano had become one of the most popular musical stars in Europe (as big an attraction as The Beatles would be in the next decade) and no one was better placed to take the lead role, having proven his talents as both an actor and singer in a string of box office hits that included Andalousie (1951), Violetas imperiales (1952) and La Belle de Cadix (1953). The real casting masterstroke on Le Chanteur de Mexico was the pairing of Mariano with another prominent star of the period, the comic actor Bourvil, who was himself a more than able musician. It is no surprise that the film was an instant hit, attracting an audience of 4.8 million in France alone. Sadly, Mariano's next venture with Bourvil, Sérénade au Texas (1958), was to prove a disastrous misfire, partly as Mariano's popular appeal had begun to wane with the advent of a new musical phenomenon, rock music.

At a time when French cinema was predominantly monochrome and struggling to throw off the mantle of post-war austerity, colourful musical extravaganzas like Le Chanteur de Mexico came as a welcome moral-booster, matching the vitality and enjoyable kitsch appeal of the very best MGM musicals. Whilst the film suffers (as most film musicals do) from its lumbering pedestrian plot and threadbare characterisation, the boisterous extravagance of its show-stopping musical numbers more than redeems it. Pottier's direction is at best workmanlike, occasionally downright uninspired, but who can forget the slow tracking shot up the Eiffel Tower with Mariano singing as he and his entourage of happy workers paint Paris's most famous monument?  Or the beautiful ode to friendship that Mariano croons with Bourvil as they trail a flock of sheep across the lush French countryside?  Le Chanteur de Mexico may not have endured as well as some of the great American musicals but, on the strength of its uplifting, effortlessly choreographed musical numbers, it easily qualifies as a classic, a particularly welcome treat for any fan of Mariano and Bourvil.
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The impresario Monsieur Cartoni is planning to stage an operetta in Mexico with his star singer, Michel Morano...
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Film Credits

Directed by Richard Pottier
Starring: Luis Mariano, Bourvil, Annie Cordy, Tilda Thamar, Gisèle Grandpré, Pauline Carton, Paul Faivre, Manolo Morán, Angelvin, Robert Dalban
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