La Puritaine (1986)
A film directed by Jacques Doillon

Genre: Drama

Film Review

La Puritaine is a French film drama first released in France on 3rd December 1986, directed by Jacques Doillon. Cinematography was by William Lubtchansky. It stars Michel Piccoli, Sabine Azéma, Sandrine Bonnaire, Laurent Malet and Brigitte Coscas.   It is a Philippe Dussart production, distributed by MK2 Diffusion.   It is a color film and runs to 1 hour and 26 minutes.  

Our overall rating for La Puritaine is: good - passable entertainment.

Other noteworthy films that have been directed by Jacques Doillon include: La Drôlesse (1979), La Pirate (1984), Raja (2003) and Le Premier venu (2008). The actor Michel Piccoli has also appeared in: Belle de jour (1967), Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (1967), La Voie lactée (1969) and César et Rosalie (1972).

Other recommended drama films of the 1980s from France that you may want to consider are: Robert Bresson's L'Argent (1983), Louis Malle's Au revoir, les enfants (1987), Claude Berri's Jean de Florette (1986), Bertrand Tavernier's Un dimanche à la campagne (1984) and Claude Sautet's Un mauvais fils (1980).

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Recommended films

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Film Credits

  • Director: Jacques Doillon
  • Script: Jean-François Goyet (dialogue), Jacques Doillon (dialogue)
  • Photo: William Lubtchansky
  • Cast: Michel Piccoli (Pierre), Sabine Azéma (Ariane), Sandrine Bonnaire (Manon), Laurent Malet (François), Brigitte Coscas (La taille de Manon), Anne Coesens (La voix de Manon), Corinne Dacla (L'oreille de Manon), Jessica Forde (La main de Manon), Vinciane LeMen (La fille au charbon), Kitty Kortes-Lynch (Les petits orteils), Nicole Persy (Les yeux de Manon), Pascale Salkin (L'absence de Manon), Pascale Tison (La soeur de la fugueuse)
  • Country: France / Belgium
  • Language: French
  • Support: Color
  • Runtime: 86 min

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