Il est minuit, docteur Schweitzer (1952)
aka: Dr. Schweitzer
A film directed by André Haguet

Genre: Biography / Drama

Film Review

Il est minuit, docteur Schweitzer photo
Despite its - ostensibly - impressive cast and substantial budget, this film singularly fails to do any justice whatsoever to the great historical figure it portrays, Albert Schweitzer. Hampered by a mediocre script and some misguided direction (to say nothing of some blatant historical inaccuracies), the film fails to evoke any real sympathy or interest in its subject. Rather than a great medical man and humanitarian, Schweitzer is presented more as an obsessive musician, more preoccupied with his next organ recital than with saving human lives. Pierre Fresnay's portrayal of the great man hardly helps matters - it is stilted and characterless, with the most absurd comedy accent imaginable outside of a seaside pantomime.
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Having qualified as a doctor of medicine at Strasbourg, the pastor Albert Schweitzer decides to dedicate his life to missionary work in Africa...
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Film Credits

Directed by André Haguet
Starring: Pierre Fresnay, Raymond Rouleau, Jean Debucourt, Georges Chamarat, Michel Marsay, Jean Lanier, Candy Wells, Jeanne Moreau, André Valmy, Jany Vallières
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