Étienne (1933)
A film directed by Jean Tarride

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Film Review

Étienne is a French film comedy-drama first released in France on 15th December 1933, directed by Jean Tarride. The film stars Jacques Baumer, Marthe Régnier, Véra Markels, Jean Forest and Maximilienne.   It is a black and white film and runs to 1 hour and 30 minutes.  

Our overall rating for Étienne is: mediocre - watchable, but not unless you have something better to do,

Other memorable films that have been directed by Jean Tarride include: L'Homme qui assassina (1930), Prisonnier de mon coeur (1932), Seul (1932) and Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon (1934). The actor Jacques Baumer has also appeared in: Le Jour se lève (1939), L'appel du bled (1942), Ma pomme (1950) and Manèges (1950).

Other comedy/drama films of the 1930s from France that you may be interested in are: Marcel Pagnol's La Femme du boulanger (1938), Julien Duvivier's La Fin du jour (1939), René Clair's Quatorze Juillet (1933), Marcel Pagnol's Regain (1937) and Marcel Pagnol's Le Schpountz (1938).

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Recommended films

If you like Étienne you may also like: This Happy Breed (1944), Stage Door (1937), Mirages (1937) and Le Père Goriot (1945).

Film Credits

  • Director: Jean Tarride
  • Cast: Jacques Baumer (Fernand Lebarmecide), Marthe Régnier (Simone Lebarmecide), Véra Markels (Vassia Poustiano), Jean Forest (Etienne), Maximilienne (Tante Valérie), Sinoël (L'oncle Emile), Junie Astor (Henriette), Paul Pauley (César Poustiano), Robert Moor (Le directeur), Sophie Duval (Juliette), Jean Marais
  • Country: France
  • Language: French
  • Support: Black and White
  • Runtime: 90 min

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