End of Days (1999)
A film directed by Peter Hyams

Genre: Action / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Film Review

End of Days is an American horror film first released on 10th December 1999, directed by Peter Hyams. Cinematography was by Peter Hyams and the film was scored by John Debney. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Robin Tunney, Kevin Pollak and CCH Pounder.   It is an Universal Pictures production, produced by Marc Abraham and distributed by Universal Pictures. Location filming was in Altadena, California, USA.   The film was released with the tagline: "Prepare for the end."   It is a color film and runs to 2 hours and 1 minute.  

Our overall rating for End of Days is: good - passable entertainment.

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Recommended films

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Film Credits

  • Director: Peter Hyams
  • Script: Andrew W. Marlowe
  • Photo: Peter Hyams
  • Music: John Debney
  • Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jericho Cane), Gabriel Byrne (The Man), Robin Tunney (Christine York), Kevin Pollak (Bobby Chicago), CCH Pounder (Detective Margie Francis), Derrick O'Connor (Thomas Aquinas), David Weisenberg (OB-GYN), Rainer Judd (Christine's Mother), Miriam Margolyes (Mabel), Udo Kier (Head Priest), Victor Varnado (Albino), Michael O'Hagan (Cardinal), Mark Margolis (Pope), Jack Shearer (Kellogg), Rod Steiger (Father Kovak), Eve Sigall (Old Woman), Luciano Miele (Pope's Advisor), Robert Lesser (Carson), Lloyd Garroway (Utility Worker 1), Gary Anthony Williams (Utility Worker 2), John Nielsen (Hospital Cop), Johnny Bogris (Skateboarder), Elliot Goldwag (Thomas' Doctor), Elaine Corral Kendall (Anchor), Denice D. Lewis (Emily)
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English / Latin
  • Support: Color
  • Runtime: 121 min

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