Jim Wynorski


Jim Wynorski is a film director, screenwriter, actor and musician whose best films as a film director include Chopping Mall (1986) and Serena the Sexplorer (2013), and whose best work as a screenwriter include Chopping Mall (1986).

Jim Wynorski directed 30 films, scripted 23 films, appeared in 14 films and supplied the music for 1 film.

Has most frequently worked with the following directors: Richard Styles (2 films), Rafal Zielinski (2) and Fred Olen Ray (2).

Most frequent genres include: Thriller (17 films), comedy (16), Horror (14), Fantasy (7), drama (6), comedy-thriller (3) and Documentary (2).

Our average rating for Jim Wynorski over all films is: 1.6


The Film Director
Jim Wynorski directed the following films:
The Actor
Jim Wynorski has appeared in the following films:

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